Music therapy e-books is an online marketplace designed to help connect music therapists to online books, promote e-books written by music therapists, and assist music therapists as they publish their own e-books.

Founder: Rachel See, MA, MT-BC

Rachel is a board-certified music therapist with a B.A. in Communication Disorders from Truman State University and a M.A. in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa . With over 30 years  of both piano and violin experience, she found that this musical background, paired with her love for serving others, made being a Music Therapist her dream job and one that she looks forward to each day. See has had extensive experience using music therapy with children, young adults, and adults with communication disorders, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  On the side, she enjoys all things design, as well as developing and creating ebooks such as, “Children’s Songs for Therapy”, and, “Listen, Sing, Speak!”. Rachel currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri, where she is a music therapist in the special education setting.