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Rachel discusses the ins and outs of her former private practice, Music Therapy Services of Austin

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Mindful May Resources

In honor of Mindful May, we’ve curated a list of resources designed to assist with mindfulness, mental health, wellness, and self-care…for you AND your clients.  


Harmony Handbook (Vol. 1): Resources for Music Therapists Working With Adolescents & Adults in Mental Health Treatment

Creative Innovations in Mental Health & Addictions: A Music Therapist’s Guide to the 12 Steps in Practice

Changing States: 25 Guided Imagery Scripts for Individual and Group Work

Diving Deeper: 30 Guided Visualization Scripts For Individual and Group Work


Talking with Tech Podcast Episode: How Mindfulness Can Promote Joy, Prevent Burnout & Improve Therapy


Reclaim Your Rhythm online workshop with Maya Benattar, MA, MT-BC, LCAT

The Self-Care Institute by Music Therapy E-books author, Ami Kunimura, MA, MT-BC

Music for Self-Care and Wellness CMTE course available on Music Therapy Ed’s website


ALL relaxation albums by Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC.  Find them, here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ryan-judd/714068145


Headspace: https://www.headspace.com

Calm: https://www.calm.com


10% Happier: https://www.tenpercent.com/dan-harris-books

See a resource missing from the list that you think would benefit others?  We’d love to hear about it!  

We’re Turning 5!

Today marks the fifth anniversary for MusicTherapyEbooks.com and to celebrate, we are marking down our “How to Write an E-book…E-book” to $5 for today only!!

ONE DAY SALE! $9.98 $5!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to say…

WE LOVE OUR AUTHORS here at Music Therapy E-books!

Rachel’s Favorite Music-Related Podcasts: Second Edition

A while back, I shared a few of my go-to music-related podcasts/episodes. Well, a few more months of driving from to school-to-school has provided me with a few more recommendations!

  1. Henry & Heidi: I love Henry Rollins. He is a master storyteller and has an ability to tell a tale of musical lore with complete accuracy and panache.
  2. Switched on Pop: A podcast that is hosted by a musicologist and a songwriter…that is all about pop. In my opinion, it’s the ONLY way to digest and understand the pop music world. From their site, “A podcast about the making and meaning of popular music hosted by musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding. We break down pop songs to figure out what makes a hit and what is its place in culture. We help listeners find “a-ha” moments in the music. Switched on Pop will make you laugh, dance, and ask ridiculous questions like: does the falsetto in One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” essentially make them our modern day Castrati?”
  3. Music Now: Rolling Stone: “The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what’s playing in the office; expert insight on the week’s biggest music news; and much more.”

Rachel presenting at MWR conference in April

Rachel will be presenting a 3 hour CMTE at the Midwestern Region music therapy conference in April!

This session will showcase a wide variety of technology used in music therapy sessions in the special education setting, including: visuals, adapted tools, iPad apps, Google Drive, e-books, Garageband, and iMovie.

Rachel will explain how these technology examples are directly applicable to their clients with Individualized Education Plans and the attendees will leave with innovative strategies to implement in their own music therapy sessions!

➡️To register, head to: http://mw-amta.com/MWR_Conference.html


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Want to write an e-book but can’t nail down a topic?

Want to write an e-book but can’t nail down a topic? Here are just some ideas to jumpstart your creativity and harness your skills:

What will be your theme/content/subject?   Will it focus on sharing songs? Interventions? How-Tos? It can be informative or business-related. You can share activities and visuals!   Self-help is another great topic!

What type of book will it be? Professional help/ideas, activity sheets, Q&A, Songs, session ideas, lessons learned, thoughts/experiences, music skills education?

What is something that you have created for work? 

What does our field NEED?

What do you wish people knew?

What is your ultimate goal for writing an e-book?      

First words that come to mind when you think of your e-book topic: _________________

List any fears, questions, concerns, and/or doubts about this project

What are some of the solutions for the fears you just listed?

What has been a problem for you that you have overcome?

What have you done that you are most proud of? 

When people come up to you for advice, what are they asking? (They see you as an expert in this topic.)

What hole can you fill in the music therapy ebooks e-shelves?

What is a topic that is FUN and EXCITING to you?

What are your favorite instruments to use in sessions? 

Now, think of one specific instrument you can focus on for an ebook!

We’re Counting Our Blessings

It’s November! And we wanted to take a minute or two ( or more… do you know us? We’re kind of talkers…) to share our thankful thoughts. We’re curious to know what is on your mind this time of year as well!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Hands-down.  It’s a holiday that’s not about spending money on gifts, but about spending quality time with friends and family.  I get to eat my favorite foods (give me the entire bowl of mashed potatoes, please) while I reflect on all of the things for which I am grateful.  And one of the those things I am thankful for is to be a part of MusicTherapyEbooks.com.

Every time I go to the site and scroll through the e-books, I am reminded of how lucky I am – to be surrounded by music therapists who exude excitement and ooze creativity, who want to share their ideas with other music therapists, who have the drive to find the time in their extremely busy schedules to write down their tried-and-true music therapy materials.

I am also incredibly grateful to have a business partner like Michelle Erfurt.  She is someone who has a knack for copy editing, an eye for detail, and a great sense of humor.  We compliment each other well, keep each other accountable, and have fun together every time we talk (almost TOO much fun, as you can see in this video).

Lastly, but not-in-the-least-bit leastly, I am also so thankful for YOU – our readers and subscribers.  Thank you for supporting us and supporting our authors. Thank you for sharing your ideas and sharing in our enthusiasm for our e-book community. I truly wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I hope it’s spent with people you love, eating ALL the mashed potatoes your heart desires.

– Rachel See

It always works out that when this time of year comes around I really need the Thanksgiving holiday in order to force myself to have some gratitude. In my life, November is when my family is knee-deep in school busyness, our schedule is confusing with holiday events, things feel more expensive with colder weather and the increase in heating bills, boots, winter coats, and all those other things we don’t have that I suddenly need to buy, and gloomy days don’t make my seasonal depression any easier. It’s hard to feel thankful for anything.

But then, the Thanksgiving holiday arrives. And it creates that space for all of us to stop and look at the big picture of our lives. I’m thankful that we’re going to have 3 days off of work and school. We are really lazy people when we can be home and it’s pretty wonderful. I’m thankful that technology has advanced enough to support projects like this website. It takes a lot of work to run, but it’s really amazing to think that 20 years ago (when I graduated from *cough* high school *cough*) something like this didn’t exist. We didn’t really buy things online back then. Ebooks weren’t a mainstream thing. Hell, we were still listening to music on CDs!

I’m really thankful to be surrounded by so many creative opportunities and be able to connect people to resources that they need to further their music therapy services. When I stopped practicing as a music therapy clinician 6 years ago, I wrestled with a lot of conflicting emotions. I felt like I was letting down the profession because I wasn’t working in it anymore. Clinical work sort of ran it’s course for me and I just didn’t want to do it. I had a baby and wanted to be a full time mom.

But connecting with the perfect partner (Rachel See) and creating a music therapy online bookstore allows me to keep in the profession. It gives me the honor to be surrounded by a group of hard working music therapists with really valuable information who just need a little help getting the word out. And I’m so thankful that we are all able to pool our individual talents to help each other… and all of that helps the greater music therapy community… and all of that helps all the music therapy clients. It’s an incredible feeling to know that you’re a cog in that machine and while it’s easy for me to get lost in the hustle of the day to day, it’s amazing to realize the magnitude of the big picture. Thank you everyone, for allowing me to be a part of it.

– Michelle Erfurt