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Lisa Barnett ("My House" author) has made her e-book FREE to download as a way to help and support music therapists and their clients during this time. THANK YOU, LISA!! To download: CLICK HERE . ps. If you download and use the e-book, we'd love to hear what you think of it and how you use it in your sessions!

http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-about-social-distancing/ Now available on the e-shelves! “Songs about Social Distancing: #StopTheSpread” is a new songbook of original music composed by the music therapy team from Spectrum Creative Arts to help students and clients cope with the impact of Covid-19. This e-songbook was created as a resource for fellow music therapists and educators to engage students in educational learning tied to safety, health, and resilience through music. Includes 9 original songs with fully notated sheet

Recently, had the pleasure of talking with Kate Shannon from the Creative Therapy Umbrella Podcast. It was a BLAST to talk about one of my favorite topics: collaboration! To hear the episode in its entirety (and to find out how you can download the free e-book I mention in the interview), head over to her site, HERE. "In this episode, Rachel tells us about her journey to becoming a music

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