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  • Jaycie Voorhees
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By Jaycie Voorhees, MM, MT-BC This e-book contains 62 pages of group music therapy intervention ideas and tips for individuals with disabilities centering on holiday themes throughout the school year.…

  • You Can Strum Vol 2
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By Heather Palmer, MSEd., MT-BC You Can Strum Volume 2 introduces the student to the joy of guitar through the Chord Buddy.  It provides beginner step by step instructions, practice exercises, and 14…

This exciting, interactive e-book uses singing, instrument playing, movement and manipulatives to address pre-literacy goals.  The e-book is designed for individuals and groups working on skills such as matching, phonological…

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By Rachel See, MA, MT-BC In this first inspiration kit, the INSPIRE magazine e-book provides you with session ideas, videos, .pdfs, links, and other products to enhance your skills as…

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As a music therapist, you have the privilege of bringing the power of music into an individual’s recovery and healing process. This eBook will support your work by providing resources…

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  • Amanda Ellis
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The Back to School Batch is a digitally downloaded songbook designed with the music therapist and special education teacher in mind. This songbook features 12 songs that cover a variety of daily…

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  • Janice Lindstrom ebook review for How to write an ebook ebook a handbook for music therapists
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  • Kerry Cornelius how to write an ebook review for Music Therapy Ebooks

E-books are a great way to share your knowledge with others and provide a resource for other students and professionals. Self publishing allows you to have full control over the…

  • The Mountain Dulcimer A Design for Success
  • Lorinda Jones

E-book and Play Along Audio Files For Individual, Classroom, and Special Populations with Basic Playing Techniques, including Number and color song charts and Appalachian song tunes and lyrics. Suggested arrangements with rhythm,…

Painting the Piano is a songbook packed full of familiar tunes that are adapted for learners who aren't able to read typical music notation yet. Containing a variety of songs…