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  • music therapy and austism handbook
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This handbook will be helpful for student music therapists, new music therapists, and music educators wanting to know more about music therapy and autism in this quick and concise overview.

  • songs for growth cover
  • Stephanie Scheffel
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Songs for Growth is a collection of 17 original songs designed to foster development of academic and functional skills in children, adolescents and young adults. Designed for the music therapist…

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  • Janice Lindstrom ebook review for How to write an ebook ebook a handbook for music therapists
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  • Kerry Cornelius how to write an ebook review for Music Therapy Ebooks

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E-books are a great way to share your knowledge with others and provide a resource for other students and professionals. Self publishing allows you to have full control over the…

  • sparking lives cover
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This book is here to assist you in preparing sessions that will appeal to both preschoolers and older adults leaving you time to enjoy all the benefits these groups provide.…

  • You Can Strum Vol 2
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By Heather Palmer, MSEd., MT-BC You Can Strum Volume 2 introduces the student to the joy of guitar through the Chord Buddy.  It provides beginner step by step instructions, practice exercises, and 14…

  • xylo cover
  • About Xylophone Fun
  • twinkle
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  • Kristen Crouch

Xylophone Fun was created to offer a basis for introducing music reading in preparation for beginning piano. Doing these simple songs offers exercise in letter recognition, matching, basic reading skills,…

  • Tapping-Shaking-Music-Making-Cover
  • Rachel-Rambach

Tapping, Shaking, Music Making! is a digitally downloaded songbook containing 12 Listen & Learn songs for playing instruments — including rhythm sticks, shakers, bells, drums, castanets, cabasa, ukulele, and more. Not…

  • Sing Along with Santa
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Sing Along With Santa is a collection of 37 Holiday Songs that include easy to use chords in one book and large print lyrics in the second. You can easily…

  • sing together cover
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"Greetings and Goodbyes" contains ideas for opening and closing sessions with clients of all ages and populations. "Sing Together" is a collaborative project that consists of original songs and session…