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By Susan Seale Growing Grounded is a multi-media learning package designed to provide you with an extremely organized, color-coded, easy to read, practical resource. You will learn to incorporate simple…

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The author, Lisa Barnett, wanted to find a vehicle that would bring students with autism together with their peers in general education. The “My House” book provided a missing link…

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This handbook will be helpful for student music therapists, new music therapists, and music educators wanting to know more about music therapy and autism in this quick and concise overview.

By Mallory Even, MT-BC, and Certified NICU Music Therapist All MMT PayPer materials are informative, professional and concise - and are customized to fit the needs of YOUR company!  After you…

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"Greetings and Goodbyes" contains ideas for opening and closing sessions with clients of all ages and populations. "Sing Together" is a collaborative project that consists of original songs and session…

By Michelle Erfurt, MT-BC You have an idea for an e-book. BUT, you have CHECKED OUT for one or more of the following reasons? You are too busy. You don't…

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As a music therapist, you have the privilege of bringing the power of music into an individual’s recovery and healing process. This eBook will support your work by providing resources…

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This collection has been tested in sessions, arranged in FINALE with traditional music notation, chord symbols, and tablature, and compiled in a book format to make using the mountain dulcimer…

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This book is here to assist you in preparing sessions that will appeal to both preschoolers and older adults leaving you time to enjoy all the benefits these groups provide.…