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Listen, Sing, Speak

By Rachel See, MA, MT-BC, and Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP

▪Co-written by a music therapist and a speech-language pathologist

▪70+ pages FULL of songs, resources, audio files, lyrics, and session materials!

▪Specific speech targets are listed for each of the songs

▪Several songs have both English and Spanish versions!

Use page 3 of the e-book to login to the member-only website: http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/listen-sing-speak/





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  1. MTebooks

    “Does your child like music? Are you hoping to further develop his speech and language? If so, I highly recommend Listen, Sing, Speak! This delightful music workbook created by a certified and licensed speech language pathologist and a board-certified music therapist, will get your child singing, grooving and moving! Ana Paula and Rachel have done an incredible job using playful songs to address various speech, language and hearing goals. Each original song, which is downloadable for free with purchase of this book, includes specific speech and language target areas to address the needs of your child. The accompanying activities and worksheets are colorful, engaging and informative. Listen, Sing, Speak! has been a wonderful addition to my therapeutic library of resources!”
    -Kimberly Scanlon, author My Toddler Talks

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  • Double the authors = double the ideas!
  • Speech Language Pathology and Music Therapy
  • Several songs have both English and Spanish versions!
  • Songs, resources, audio files, lyrics, and session materials!