Music Therapy Program Proposals


By Mallory Even, MT-BC, and Certified NICU Music Therapist

All MMT PayPer materials are informative, professional and concise – and are customized to fit the needs of YOUR company!  After you complete your purchase, MMT PayPer will contact you to begin your customization process.

The MMT PayPer Program Proposals contain all pertinent information for landing the contract you have been dreaming about!  Our proposals include brief overviews of music therapy, the certification process to becoming a music therapist, facts on music therapy within the population, services your company offers (which is customized!), a schedule fee (if you want to include) and research references to back it all up. 

Populations available ($130 EACH):


▪At-Risk Youth


▪Mental Health

Mallory Even

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$130.00 – $130.00
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