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You Can Strum

By Heather Palmer, MSEd., MT-BC

You Can Strum Volume 2 introduces the student to the joy of guitar through the Chord Buddy.  It provides beginner step by step instructions, practice exercises, and 14 Christmas songs to learn using the chords D, G, C and Em.  You will get an introductory to guitar basics and use of the Chord Buddy through color coded chord sheets which assist special learners who need to use color coding instead of letter reading to identify cords. This dual sensory approach supports all to become successful at learning and playing some of their favorite songs.  The You Can StrumVolume 2 is appropriate for use in music therapy sessions, individual studies and music education settings.

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Heather Palmer

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  • Uses the Chord Buddy
  • Beginner step by step instructions
  • 14 Christmas songs to learn
  • Uses the chords D, G, C and Em
  • Color-coded chord sheets