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Marketing Packages: Hospice OR Hospital setting



By Mallory Even, MT-BC, and Certified NICU Music Therapist


All MMT PayPer materials are informative, professional and concise – and are customized to fit the needs of YOUR company!


You will be contacted within 48 hours after your purchase – at that time, you can indicate your desired population(s):


The MMT PayPer Hospice Marketing Package for $175 includes: 

•Music Therapy vs. Music Volunteers Fact Sheet

•Hospice Music Therapy Fact Sheet

•Hospice Music Therapy: Handout for Hospice Professionals

•Hospice Music Therapy: Program Proposal


The MMT PayPer Hospital Marketing Package for $175 includes: 

•MT in Hospitals: Fact Sheet

•MT in Hospitals: Handouts for Medical Professionals 

•NICU Music Therapy Fact Sheet 

•NICU Music Therapy Program Proposal


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