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Horse Back Rider & Hula Hoop to da Loop

Two songs from the Keller Williams album entitled, “Kids”

Horseback Rider and Hula Hoop to da Loop can be found on "Kids"


My sister-in-law (owner of Baby, Naturally) told me about this album and I IMMEDIATELY loved it.  It’s perfect for kids AND it is musically interesting for adults (which is a rarity in the children’s song world)!  

Two “H” songs from the album that I’ve used in my music therapy sessions, include: “Horseback Rider” and “Hula Hoop to da Loop”.  “Horseback Rider” is perfect for cognitive goals, sequencing, memorization, and listening.  I also add movements to each of  the lines (for example, when the song says, “Woah back”, I make the motion of pulling back on the horse reins) to add another level of difficulty and to incorporate gross motor movement.  “Hula Hoop to da Loop” is absolutely conducive to doing a movement-to-music activity.  This upbeat song involves a constant loop of exciting sounds and the fact that it has minimal lyrics leaves it wide open for adaptability!  

Below is a clip of Keller performing “Hula Hoop to da Loop”, showing us just how he uses the looping machine to create his fun beats. Make sure you watch to find out how he incorporates boomwhackers and croc sandals into his song!


Want a FREE download from his album?  Click below!


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