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I’ve decided to share with you a list of my favorite iPad apps to use in my music therapy sessions!

(For more on my thoughts regarding the use of the iPad in therapy, click HERE.)

Twelve of my favorite iPad apps!

1.  Mad Pad – SO fun. I’m usually all about getting free apps, but you won’t regret buying this one, as it is well worth the low cost.  You can create rhythm boards with instruments or sounds performed by you and/or the client!

2.  I am T-Pain – Encourages expressive language, as it creates a song just by over auto-tuning your speaking voice.  You have the option of creating a video or audio file (which you don’t get in other auto-tune apps, such as Songify)

3.  ChoiceBoard Creator – Free program that allows me to create boards of song titles, instruments, and activities for my non-verbal clients.

4. Loopy Tunes – Allows client to create a song on their own using pre-made melodies, rhythms, and sounds.

5.  Boogie Bopper – Involves coordination, color recognition, rhythm/staying on the beat, singing while pressing buttons, fine motor control, using both hands, using appropriate tempo of speech.

6. Monkey Drum – Sharing, waiting, impulse control, mimicking…all in one engaging app!

7. Make it Pop. Practice saying /p/ in initial and final positions as you “pop” bubbles, balloons, popcorn, and bubble gum.  Is good for, but is not limited to: coordination, listening and following directions.

8. Cat Effects – I use this with a song that discusses prepositions.   You are able to position the cat on, over, behind, etc. anywhere on an already-created picture, or a picture you take right then and there with your client.  Super fun!  (I got the initial idea from Speech Room News HERE.)

9. Baby-Chef – Comes with two free food creation activities: a cake and a pizza builder.  I have songs for both cakes AND pizzas, so it works out perfectly :).  Allows client to make choices, follow directions, and gives them a sense of independence.

10. Toddler This app involves teamwork, basic academic and cognitive skills, and it goes with several of my space-themed academic songs!

11. TooLoud – Use this app when working on vocal intensity and dynamics, voice control, and room volume.  Free and handy!

12.  Furry Friend – This little (cute) monster repeats everything you say.  I’ve found this app most useful for my shy clients or those who need an extra reinforcement/biofeedback to encourage their expressive language.


Rachel See, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who is passionate about helping other music therapists share their ideas, songs and knowledge with the world through e-books!

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