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 Zum Gali Gali

This is one of my favorite songs to use in a drum weave with adults, as the Israeli round is repetitive, easy-to-learn, and allows the person to get in a meditative state (I usually skip the verses).  For those of you who have not led or experienced a drum weave, this is a technique used in group drum circle sessions where:

1. Each person holds their drum (I’ve only used paddle drums, but I have no doubt that other drums could work in this situation) in front of them, with one mallet in their hand.  2. The facilitator can start by instructing the group to play four even beats on their own drum, then four beats on the drum held by the person on their right.  3. They then return to their own drum for four more beats, followed by the drum to their left.  4. Keep this pattern going (and increase the difficulty by decreasing the number of beats to two per drum, then one per drum) and add a simple melody for the groups to sing (can be call and response, or a round such as the one shown below).

FYI: This song is in the public domain; therefore, I am able to share the music below.

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