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I am extremely honored to be a part of this published article, “The Music Experiences and Attitudes of a First Cohort of Prelingually Deaf Adolescent and Young Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients”.  The article recently appeared in the Seminars in Hearing Journal.

Not only is it the first article on which my name has been listed as an author, it is a great study that will help further the understanding of cochlear implants and music perception and experiences!

Interested in learning more about the article?  Here it is!

I will be the first to admit that my role in this project was a minor one (I give all of the credit to Dr. Gfeller and Virginia Driscoll!), but it was an amazing experience to be a part of the testing and team involved…and to witness fantastic, seasoned researchers in action.

Additionally, Christina Scheperle, the 4th author on this article, is another music therapist and a dear, dear friend.  As a side note, I had the absolute honor of standing beside her at her wedding this past weekend (and thanks to all of my clients who so willingly made up their sessions at different times to accommodate my travels!).

What music therapists do on weekends: cheer on their fellow music therapists as they marry another fabulous musician! 🙂

The wedding day! She’s not only NMT and MT-BC, she’s also now a MRS.

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