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1. Your name:

Rachel Rambach

2. Education/Background:

BA (vocal performance) from Rollins College; MM (music therapy) from Illinois State University.

3. Favorite band/artist in 7th grade:

That was the year I discovered the Beatles. I was a little obsessed.

4. Why did you want to write an e-book?

My songs for instruments are my most popular, so I wanted to make it easier for people by making many of them available in one place.

Tapping, Shaking, Music Making!

5. What was your process for developing your e-book?

The songs were already written and recorded, so I simply created the lead sheets, put them in a PDF, and designed a cover.

6. Favorite book (e-book or print) related to Music Therapy:

At the moment, it’s Music Therapy for Premature Infants(Stanley/Walworth). I just completed the NICU music therapy training and this book has been an amazing resource.

7. How would you describe your e-book in three words or less?

Singable, energizing, fun!

8.  Who can benefit from purchasing your e-book and why?

My e-book is for anyone who makes music with children, whether a parent, music therapist, educator, or other professional. The songs are easy to learn and target many musical and non-musical objectives.

9.  What kinds of music therapy e-books would you like to see more of on MusicTherapyEbooks.com?

I’m in the midst of growing my biz (again), so I would love to see more books on this topic!

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who is passionate about helping other music therapists share their ideas, songs and knowledge with the world through e-books!


  • JoAn Jordan
    April 14, 2014

    I can’t say enough good about Rachel’s materials. It is more than worth the investment. Buy the book!

    Love finding out that she is a Beatles fan!

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