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1. Name:

Rachel See

2. Education/Background:

B.A. in Communication Disorders, Truman State University

M.A. in Music Therapy, University of Iowa

I started playing violin and piano at the age of 5, followed by playing in orchestras, bands, and, eventually, I learned about how I could incorporate my speech therapy, elementary education, and music background into one career: Music Therapy!

3. Favorite band/artist in 7th grade

Toss-up between Sugar Hill Gang and Boston.

4. Why did you want to write an e-book?

I felt as though I had so many ideas built-up as a result of so many years in school, internship, master’s program, etc., and I couldn’t wait to compile them all into one book!  I wrote two e-books at the beginning of my music therapy career – a time in my life when I was beginning a private practice and I had some time to devote to writing, designing, and sharing.

5. What was your process for developing your e-book?

Playing, planning, and designing via Garageband, iCalendar, and Pages.

6. Favorite book (e-book or print) related to Music Therapy

Music in Special Education by Mary Adamek and Alice-Ann Darrow.

In graduate school, this was one of my go-to books for research and terminology in the world of music therapy and working with school-aged children.

7. How would you describe your e-book(s) in three words or less?

Children’s Songs for Therapy:  1) Academic goals, 2) piggybacking, 3) easy-to-learn

Children’s Songs for Therapy

Listen, Sing, Speak: 1) Speech + Music, 2) Communication, 3) Bilingual

Listen, Sing, Speak: Children’s Songs for Speech, Language, and Hearing Goals

8.  Who can benefit from purchasing your e-book and why?

Parents, educators, and therapists.

My e-books are all made out of love, with hard work, and believing 100% that other music therapists could benefit from these resources.

9.  What kinds of music therapy e-books would you like to see more of on MusicTherapyEbooks.com?

Personal encounters/biographies/stories, adult session ideas, and…ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!

10.  Anything else you would like to add?

It has been such a JOY to see/hear/read how many people are interested in creating and/or buying e-books!! Let’s start sharing our ideas with the world, inspiring others in the field, and supporting fellow Music Therapists!!!

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who is passionate about helping other music therapists share their ideas, songs and knowledge with the world through e-books!


  • Susan See
    March 30, 2014

    Love your ebook venture! So creative.

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