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A few of my favorite Thanksgiving songs and singable books for this time of year 🦃🍁.I've included songwriting activity based on Dido’s, “Thank You”. I’ve used it all week and it’s so fun to see who my students want to pay tribute to!The other singable books and songs (including the Golden Girls theme song) are great for WH-questions and self-expression!

Music + Mudras highlights the significance of yoga and music practice and combines elements of music and hand yoga poses (hasta mudras), from the wisdom tradition of Yoga, to create fun and accessible experiences for all populations, ages 6 through adulthood. These experiences guide students in feeling comfortable in their bodies and confident in life while also supporting them with quieting their minds and harmonizing with their natural rhythms (or self-regulating). Check

Does this sound familiar? Are you a music therapist who creates your own session materials? Is your songbook overflowing with original music? Are colleagues often asking for your expertise on a particular topic? Have you wanted to organize and sell your work but don’t know where to start? What if I told you that you could… Create an e-book on a topic you are passionate out by using a simple, 6-step guide Do-it-yourself, even if you’re not a

As your students and music therapy clients return to school, don't forget that we have TONS of resources for you to use in your music therapy sessions to address IEP goal acquisition! http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/the-back-to-school-batch-songs-for-the-classroom/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/see-sing-learn-pre-literacy-skills/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/intro-to-math-pack/ https://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-about-social-distancing/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/spice-up-your-repertoire-a-collection-of-goal-oriented-songs-for-children/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-for-growth-a-collection-of-songs-for-academic-and-functional-development/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/intro-to-communication-pack/ https://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-laughter-on-the-playground-17-goal-oriented-songs/

http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/all-together-now/ Please join me in welcoming the newest author in the Music Therapy e-book community: Meredith Whitlow, MT-BC! We are SO excited to have her e-book full of music therapy session plans,  song lists, scripts, and adaptations on our e-shelves! All Together Now! contains 13 fresh and exciting music therapy session plans to assist music therapists in engaging senior adults in meaningful group experiences.  These sessions have been tried and tested

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