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1. Your name: Amanda Ellis  2. Education/Background: Bachelors degree in Music Therapy (MT-BC since 2000), minored in violin performance, most MT experience is with school age children but also have experience with preschool ages and adapted music lessons. 3. Favorite band/artist in 7th grade: The Bangles, "Walk like an Egyptian" 4. Why did you want to write an e-book? The Back to

What an honor it was to interview the wonderful JoAnn Albin Jordan​, author of the e-book, “Sparking Lives with Themes and Music: Intergenerational Edition”! Take a listen to find out: :29 JoAnn’s background (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) :58 WHY she wrote her e-book 1:17 How her e-book is organized (themes, props, movements, songs and MORE!) 2:35 Who can benefit from

Michelle Erfurt discusses her e-book, "The Networking Workbook". Watch the video to learn more about her step-by-step guide (with interactive worksheets!) and how it will prepare you for any networking event. 0:40 Michelle’s Background 2:00 Why Michelle wrote The Networking Workbook 2:11 “Every opportunity I’ve ever had in work, has been through networking.” 2:37. How she found out that

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