Ideas to jumpstart your creativity!

Does this sound familiar? Are you a music therapist who creates your own session materials? Is your songbook overflowing with original music? Are colleagues often asking for your expertise on a particular topic? Have you wanted to organize and sell your work but don’t know where to start? What if I told you that you could… Create an e-book on a

As your students and music therapy clients return to school, don't forget that we have TONS of resources for you to use in your music therapy sessions to address IEP goal acquisition! http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/the-back-to-school-batch-songs-for-the-classroom/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/see-sing-learn-pre-literacy-skills/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/intro-to-math-pack/ https://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-about-social-distancing/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/spice-up-your-repertoire-a-collection-of-goal-oriented-songs-for-children/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-for-growth-a-collection-of-songs-for-academic-and-functional-development/ http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/intro-to-communication-pack/ https://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/songs-laughter-on-the-playground-17-goal-oriented-songs/

http://www.musictherapyebooks.com/product/all-together-now/ Please join me in welcoming the newest author in the Music Therapy e-book community: Meredith Whitlow, MT-BC! We are SO excited to have her e-book full of music therapy session plans,  song lists, scripts, and adaptations on our e-shelves! All Together Now! contains 13 fresh and exciting music therapy session plans to assist music

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