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I’m always on the hunt for good “singable” book that I can use in my music therapy sessions, and “Trashy Town” has it all!

A singable, repetitive “chorus” to the book? (Click here to listen to how I sing it.) Check!

A theme that my students love? (What kid DOESN’T love garbage trucks?) Check!

Plenty of opportunities for my students to work on their core words (click here to look at AAC Language Lab’s 100 High Frequency Core words)? Check!

A way to work on where questions? Check!

I have been pairing this book with a Fisher-Price truck (shh, don’t tell my daughter I’ve been stealing her toys to use at work…) and my students have had a blast! We can work on where questions + sequencing (where did the trash truck go first/second/last) and as they recall the order, they can put the corresponding pictures into the truck (it took me a few tries to get the pics the right size to fit in, ha). The book is also very conducive for my students who are just learning how to navigate their AAC device, as the repetitive nature of the text gives ample opportunities for them to practice finding the “stop”, “yes”, “no”, “up”, “in” buttons on their talker.

I’ve been using icons I created via Boardmaker to accompany the book, but I just discovered OMazing Kids has a free PDF you can use (I wish I would have discovered these visuals first!).

Enjoy using this book on its own, or with your themed sessions (transportation, Earth Day, spring cleaning theme, etc.)!

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