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Music for Fun: Leisure-Based Music Activities for Kids and Teens by Kyle Fleming, MT-BC

The COVID-19 pandemic required many music therapists and educators to drastically shift their approach to engaging musically with their students and clients. For Kyle Fleming, MT-BC, this meant suspending therapeutic programming and finding new and unique ways to engage clients musically and creatively.

These activities are now available via Kyle’s e-book:

“Music for Fun:
Leisure-Based Music Activities for Kids and Teens”

This e-book is a collection of leisure-based music activities created and tested at a residential treatment center for youth ages 8 to 18 with significant trauma histories and mental health concerns. These activities are fun, engaging, and great creative outlets for kids and teens. Inside, you’ll find activities related to songwriting, group musicking, music and art expression, and more! The activities are also highly adaptable, meaning that you can insert your own recorded music or materials to make the activities work for your population.

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