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…Ok, maybe not “fun”, but at least less-boring!

I adore (and at times, I’m obsessed with) all things technology.  HOWEVER, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of writing down lists, important dates, and session/appointment times….and I was pleased to find that a fellow music therapist, Michelle, also partook in this “old school” task! (See her blog post here).

Here is my over-enthusiastic response to her blog post…

I’m the same way!! I loooove iCal, but for on-the-go and ever-changing schedules, weekly printed calendars are the way to go (and there is something about the process of pen to paper that I enjoy!). The downside? My handwriting is reminiscent of a 7 year old boy.

Which leads me to….

Free stuff and my favorite ACL moments:

I ended up watching the ASL interpreter more than Iron & Wine. Her signing was absolutely breathtaking!

Oh Austin, how I love thee

Because I have to spend my time tonight figuring out session plans, schedules, and meetings for this upcoming week, this blog post will be short…but with TONS of links to free schedules/goal charts, etc.!  

(I have a good excuse for a short blog post, though…I was given the  opportunity to go backstage at the Austin City Limits festival, where I was able to listen/see Iron & Wine, Ray Lamontagne, Fitz & the Tantrums, Wanda Jackson, and more! Oh, and I stood next to Christian Bale…while trying not to pee my pants) 🙂  It was a musician’s paradise. 

Ray L. = incredible voice

Bruce Wayne! I mean, Christian Bale!

Wanda Jackson, a living legend

And now, for the plethora of schedules, goal sheets, and organizational heaven-ness!

Download and enjoy!!

A fantastic variety of free, adorable .pdf calendars:



Even though I’m not a “mommy”, I can still use these printables from Mommy Tracked.com:


From Get Buttoned Up.com:







From Frugal Living:


From The Project Girl.com


From  Livinglocurto.com


From Perideaudesigns.com


From Oh the Lovely Things:  (unfortunately, this one is not a .pdf)


Rachel See, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who is passionate about helping other music therapists share their ideas, songs and knowledge with the world through e-books!


  • Michelle Erfurt
    September 19, 2011

    You do a very good job at keeping your cool. Your blog comment was not over-enthusiastic and you are calm in the presence of celebrity. I saw Mary Hart in person and my reaction was to scream “There’s Mary Hart!” and wave to her. Luckily she was ‘on the job’ so she gave me full eye contact, smiled, said ‘Hi!’ and waved back.

    But, seriously, thanks for all the links!

    • Rachel See Smith, MA, MT-BC
      September 19, 2011

      Haha, well, not only do I do scheduling the “old school” way…I also have a very “old school” phone….meaning, I couldn’t discretely take a picture while pretending I was finding something really important on my phone. Therefore, I refrained from capturing the moment via photo…until I realized I would never get this opportunity again (especially if I move back to Iowa someday, ha!). Soooo, I ended up just breaking out my big old canon powershot and snapped away. The “coolness” was replaced with “carpe diem!”

      I have no doubt he heard me…oh well! Good for you to scream out for Mary Hart! No reservations – I like it! 😉

  • Amy
    October 1, 2011

    This is fantastic – these To Do lists make everything so much more FUN and organized – just how I like it!

    • Glad you agree, Amy! The pretty fonts and designs trick me into thinking that scheduling is fun! (I should confess that I actually DO find scheduling fun…and sometimes I go to the organization/planner aisle at Target and sift through all of the lovely items for a good 10 minutes…just for fun) :).

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