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The holidays are always a special time.   It is one full of food, family, and MUSIC.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have come from a very musical family – on both sides.   Therefore, our holidays have always been filled with caroling, piano and violin playing, and holiday concerts.

This year, the musical happenings in our living room were none of the above.  Instead, we gathered around a special gift to my 94 year-old grandpa.  My uncle took 78 record recordings of my grandfather’s dance band and transferred them to a CD. 

It was BEYOND special.

(Want to hear a bit? CLICK HERE for the last bit of “In the Mood” which features a solo by my grandfather)

My grandfather is in the back row, on the far right (trumpet player) and my great aunt is the vocalist standing next to the piano. (1949)

We gathered around the speakers, playing my grandpa’s trumpet solo from 1949.  He seemed to be unaware that he was instinctively fingering the notes, while tapping his foot.  My grandpa was transported to a moment of absolute joy in his past.

The rest of us were lost in the moment, as well.  Personally, I loved imagining him as a young man, making a living playing Glenn Miller tunes in ballrooms across the state of Iowa.

 This is what music does.  It brings people together, it stirs up old memories, and it creates new memories.

All four generations gathered together and experienced a beautiful bond happening, whilst swing tunes played in the background.





Happy holidays, everyone!  May your week be restful, family-filled, and precious in every way.






Rachel See, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who is passionate about helping other music therapists share their ideas, songs and knowledge with the world through e-books!


  • Roberta Sloat
    December 25, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful memory!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!
    Love to you and your family!

    • Rachel Smith, MA, MT-BC
      December 25, 2011

      Thank you so much, Roberta! We truly had a wonderful time listening to Grandpa Max wail away on the trumpet :). I hope you have a lovely Christmas, as well! Give hugs to your beautiful family for me!

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