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A while back, I shared a few of my go-to music-related podcasts/episodes. Well, a few more months of driving from to school-to-school has provided me with a few more recommendations!

  1. Henry & Heidi: I love Henry Rollins. He is a master storyteller and has an ability to tell a tale of musical lore with complete accuracy and panache.
  2. Switched on Pop: A podcast that is hosted by a musicologist and a songwriter…that is all about pop. In my opinion, it’s the ONLY way to digest and understand the pop music world. From their site, “A podcast about the making and meaning of popular music hosted by musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding. We break down pop songs to figure out what makes a hit and what is its place in culture. We help listeners find “a-ha” moments in the music. Switched on Pop will make you laugh, dance, and ask ridiculous questions like: does the falsetto in One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” essentially make them our modern day Castrati?”
  3. Music Now: Rolling Stone: “The writers and editors of Rolling Stone take you inside the biggest stories in music. Featuring interviews with our favorite artists; what’s playing in the office; expert insight on the week’s biggest music news; and much more.”

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