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Harmony Handbook (Vol. 1): Resources for Music Therapists Working With Adolescents & Adults in Mental Health Treatment



By Ami Kunimura, MT-BC

As a music therapist, you have the privilege of bringing the power of music into an individual’s recovery and healing process. This eBook will support your work by providing resources for your practice including interventions, worksheets and meditation scripts.

The contents of this eBook were developed through my work facilitating music therapy groups in inpatient, outpatient, and private mental health settings with adults and adolescents. Over the past decade, I have identified ten common themes that almost every client could relate to, and developed interventions around each theme, refining them over time. All ten are included here.

This 50-page eBook is divided into 3 sections and includes:

Music therapy worksheets that may serve as assessment tools, self-reflection tools, session openers, or topics for discussion. These worksheets provide an opportunity for reflecting on music and creativity, and can be useful as a break from playing music, homework assignments, and for facilitating music based discussions and reflections.

10 Music therapy interventions are presented in universal themes, each with instructions, suggested music, and accompanying worksheets to facilitate a structured and goal-oriented session. The interventions used within these themes are meant to stimulate a deeper level of emotional connection with the theme and music, to later be processed within the group and/or with the therapist. These interventions were designed for groups but may be also used with individuals and adapted to suit various functioning levels and time frames.

5 Guided meditation scripts that are short and simple. They may be used to open or close sessions, and support the interventions.

This eBook will help you by:

Decreasing session planning time. All interventions come with instructions and worksheets.

Allowing you to take a break from constantly having to come up with your own session plans.

Supplying you with a go-to resource when wondering, “what should I do in my session today?”

Giving you a fresh starting place to implement and generate new ideas.

Expanding your abilities and skills as a music therapist.

Providing music therapy resources, ideas, and interventions for your clientele.


Ami Kunimura, MT-BC is the director of the Harmony Experience, a music therapy program serving individuals and groups in mental health treatment in Southern California. Ami is also the founder of harmonyresource.com, providing music therapists working in mental health with resources, supervision, and self-care coaching.

Ami has been practicing music therapy with individuals and groups since 2006 in private, inpatient, and outpatient settings. Her clinical experience includes working with clients in treatment and recovery for drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, mood disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders, and developmental disabilities.


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