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Painting the Piano! An Adapted Piano Songbook



By Katie Myers, MM, MT-BC; EMT-B, NICU Music Therapist

Painting the Piano is a songbook packed full of familiar tunes that are adapted for learners who aren’t able to read typical music notation yet. Containing a variety of songs from children’s to folk music, this songbook can be used with clients of all ages and diagnoses. Equipped with a color-coded diagram for the piano, this book can be used by music therapists, music educators, and parents to help special learners feel accomplished at playing favorite songs on the piano! The colored notation contained in this songbook offers practice in color and letter recognition, matching, fine motor coordination, basic reading skills, and introductory music reading skills in preparation for traditional piano instruction, and enhances music learning for learners of all types!

Bio: Katie Myers is a board-certified music therapist and emergency medical technician. She received her bachelors degree in music therapy from Duquesne University in 2011 and her masters degree in music therapy from The Florida State University in 2013. She specializes in NICU and medical music therapy, and currently works with special learners, children and adolescents with autism, and early intervention populations.


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