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Therapy Business Blueprint: A 7-Step Approach to Starting Your Own Private Practice

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By Kimberly Sena Moore, MM, MT-BC

Imagine having ONE resource with ALL the information you need to get your therapy practice up and running…

  Are you ready to open your own therapy practice?

  Does it seem like you have no idea where to start and who to talk to?

  Do you have all the clinical training–but no idea what it takes to start a business?

Enter your personal cheat sheet –> The Therapy Business Blueprint: A 7-Step Approach to Starting Your Own Private Practice.

I won’t lie to you–starting a therapy practice takes work and it also takes time. You can’t expect to be a success overnight. You are bound to get frustrated and you would have to do things you don’t feel like doing.

That said, going into private practice can also be tremendously rewarding. You have enormous FLEXIBILITY and CONTROL over your professional life–what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.

It’s also rather amazing to go through the process of creating something out of nothing. Of starting with an IDEA and developing it into something tangible and productive.

This Blueprint will get you started.

The Therapy Business Blueprint will lay out a STEP-BY-STEP approach to get your private practice up and running. There are certain things you’ll need to know and have in place before you accept your first client. The Therapy Business Blueprint will help you with things like:

  How to come up with a business name

  What to ask your attorney and accountant

  What is the difference between a sole proprietorship, LLC, and corporation?

  How to invoice, create a contract, and set up policies

PLUS…you’ll have access to a list of my personal Favorite Resources. Dozens of books, websites, and services that I’ve used that will help you as well.

PLUS…I’ve included a Master Checklist of all the action items you’ll need to work through before you see your first client.

PLUS…you’ll have access to Starter Documents. I’ve included samples of common forms and documents you will need for your own practice. Sample contracts, sample releases, sample progress notes…basic forms you can use and adapt for your own business. By purchasing this book, you have my permission to use, change, adapt, re-format these forms to your hearts content. (But a quick disclaimer: these forms are intended to educational uses and are not meant to replace the advise and counsel of an attorney or an accountant.)

BONUS…I’ve also added in a copy of The Music Therapy Maven’s Social Media Secrets, which lists my Top 10 favorite online websites, as well as helpful tips, ideas, and suggestions to jump-start your online presence.


1 review for Therapy Business Blueprint: A 7-Step Approach to Starting Your Own Private Practice

  1. Megan Resig

    I purchased The Therapy Business Blueprint back when I was first thinking about venturing into private practice. As a new music therapist, I was incredibly intimidated by the process of starting a new business and very aware of my lack of expertise in that area.
    Kimberly’s book was an awesome resource!! It gave me just enough information to dive in without overwhelming me in the process. It truly gave me the confidence I needed to get started on the right foot. I’m always recommending it to fellow therapists thinking about private practice!

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