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Timeless Treasures for Older Adults: Mountain Dulcimer Arrangements



By Lorinda Jones, MA, MT-BC

The songs in this collection were chosen to generate sing alongs, induce toe-tapping or hand clapping, and orient the listener to a time and place where they can remember and be a part of a social activity during the present time, including folk songs, popular songs of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, patriotic and military tunes, fiddle tunes, cowboy songs, holiday songs and hymns and spirituals.

As a music therapist, I know that your training gives you the knowledge to choose appropriate music repertoire, and like me, you probably have shelves and shelves of music collections, a lot of which are now on your iPad!

However, I also know as a music therapist, it is very helpful to have music pre-arranged and ordered in categories when are you planning sessions. I also know that the mountain dulcimer is not a primary instrument studied in the course of the music therapy curriculum. Because the mountain dulcimer IS my primary instrument that I use in my sessions, I have done the work for you in selecting music for older adults. This collection has been tested in sessions, arranged in FINALE with traditional music notation, chord symbols, and tablature, and compiled in a book format to make using the mountain dulcimer in your sessions much easier than you can ever dream!



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