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In music therapy, we can incorporate music and yoga to work on:

  • coping skills
  • relaxation
  • gross motor movement
  • coordination
  • following multi-step directions

I find musical yoga is a great way to begin our session, to help the student become grounded and their bodies regulated.  It can also serve as a movement break halfway through, or as a calming strategy for a child who becomes overstimulated.  Additionally, the routine aspect of yoga is VERY appealing to a lot of the people with whom I work.  

Three of my favorite resources include:  

1. Musical Yoga Adventures was a collaboration between Linda Lara (composer/music teacher) and Suzy Frank (occupational therapist and children’s yoga instructor). The musical/auditory instructions, paired with the yoga poses and routines that are achievable (or adaptable) by students of all abilities, makes this a perfect resource.  BONUS: They have free, downloadable .pdfs for the routines available on their website!

2. Anything by Kira Willey.  “Dance for the Sun” has been in heavy rotation since I started practicing music therapy and I’m excited to start incorporating my newly purchased copy of her “Mindful Moments for Kids”. 

3. These yoga cards. You can have the students collaborate and create their own routine, which gives them the opportunity to practice leadership/teamwork skills. It also gives them a sense of control, which is important, because in many aspects of their daily routine, they are often being told what they can and cannot do.  Providing this sense of freedom and choice-making is crucial for the student who is learning self-advocacy and independence. 

What are some of YOUR favorite yoga resources?

Ps. I am not being paid to promote these materials – I just really enjoy using them and wanted to pass along the ideas!

Rachel See, MA, MT-BC is a board-certified music therapist who is passionate about helping other music therapists share their ideas, songs and knowledge with the world through e-books!

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